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Lazy Eye Haver: Ariana Reines

LAZY EYE HAVER is an astrology project in Manhattan, NYC & on the Internet, led by Ariana Reines.

Ariana is a poet, playwright, performing artist, & astrologer.

Books: The Cow (Alberta Prize), Coeur de Lion, Mercury, The Origin of the World, Thursday, Tiffany’s Poems, Ramayana A Sand Book (forthcoming), she judged the 2013 National Poetry Series, &c.

Performances: Whitney Museum of American Art, Solomon R, Guggenheim Museum, The Hammer, The Swiss Institute, Renaissance Society, &c.

Teaching: UC Berkeley, Columbia, The New School, Tufts, Poets House, The Poetry Project, The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, & the Fine Arts Work Center, 2 seasons of ANCIENT EVENINGS, &c.

Prose & Interviews: Artforum, Robert Gober, K8 Hardy, Francesca Woodman, Jason Lazarus, Ben Lerner, Michelle Tea, &c.

Translations: Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl by TIQQUN, The Little Black Book of Griselidis Real by Jean-Luc Hennig, & My Heart Laid Bare by Charles Baudelaire, &c.

Education: school of hard knox, BA in French & English from Barnard College (Summa Cum Laude, 2003) & MA in Media & Communication from European Graduate School (2006), PhD studies in French and Romance Philology at Columbia University (2004-2006, dropped out). Astrology studies with Adam Elenbaas, Filip Marinovic, & Michel André.

All sessions are private, live, & confidential, held in-studio at LAZY EYE HAVER or by Phone/Skype/Google Hangout. Recording is welcome.

The Marguerite Hardass

Named in honor of the great French novelist Marguerite Duras, the Marguerite Hardass is a loving & in-depth (3.5 hours) introduction your birth chart, bringing the insight of its dynamics to bear on the heavy duty stuff in your life. The Hardass has been the cornerstone of my practice for 3 years: people tell me it's better than a year of therapy! You'll get a solid initiation into the fundamentals of astrology, so this is the perfect place to start if you're new to the stars. And for the non-neophytes out there, ye for whom this shall not be, ahem, the first rodeo, Marguerite is your go-to for major psychic surgery. & so fun! $395

The Mini Marie

A hard-working lazy-eye-having 60-minute birth chart session named after the adorable but lacking-in-self-awareness Marie Antoinette, this lil astrology reading is better than cake. Also better than bread! And way way better than losing your head. $129

The Birth Rights Intensive

This revolutionary 1-on-1 workshop is where I do stereo vision on your birth chart & your creative work. When you sign up, you'll submit a sample of your work in any medium along with your birth data. We'll begin with a 90-minute astrology session, during which I'll assign you a special project based on my study of your work sample & your birth chart. Then, once you've completed your assignment (normally 1-2 weeks), we'll meet for a second 90-minute session to examine what your new work has unlocked. THE BIRTH RIGHTS INTENSIVE is based on courses I designed for the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University (2013) & the Fine Arts Work Center (2015), two seasons of ANCIENT EVENINGS, & my ongoing work as a Visiting Critic at Yale School of Art. . Feedback is candid: my job is to help you do the work you were born to do. $695

The Fibonacci Five

A sweet deal on a set of 5 weekly 60-minute star sessions: magic number; infinitely customizable. I teach, I listen, you lead. Ready to unravel something major in your chart, or figure out what that recurring dream is doing? We'll interpret current transits, apply theraputic & divinatory modalities, do good old-fashioned epistemological inquiry, & much more. $500 Please note that due to scheduling constraints this offering is not available in 2018


Based on how powerful her poetry is, I just knew I'd have a great reading with Ariana. I was 100% right in assuming that her gifts in one field would easily carry over into astrology. The session I had with Ari was exquisitely generous. She saw deep into my core - and she liked what she saw. And using potent verbal imagery, she helped me to like it, too. She opened the door to who I used to be, back when I was a kid: so in love with everything, and so effortlessly powerful. I feel like the reading she gave me was an incontrovertible call from the Universe, telling me to dig up my long-buried gifts, loves and desires, and USE them. It was a challenge from the Universe to step into a bigger world. And for once, I know that I can, and I know that I will. As someone who's long struggled with self-doubt, depression, and paralysis, I can't tell you how valuable that is.
Marcus Ewert

Ariana Reines is at the very forefront of an emerging generation of poet-astrologers attending to the needs of their communities with their fullest powers of imagination and intuition. It should go without saying that she is redefining astrology according to the way we need it now. Perhaps even more importantly, she is also giving us a new (and very old) way of being with each other at a moment when true communion is all too hard to come by. She returns us to ourselves, and thereby to the people around us, like a Robin Hood brave enough to storm the keep of the stars.
Stuart Krimko

I am 48 year old jewish femme dyke – a leftist with a vigilant radar that sniffs out and rejects orthodoxy, dogma, and the stupid. Frankly, I was someone who avoided astrology. I typically rolled my eyes and tuned out what I experienced as simplistic pablum wrapped in a shallow mysticism. Blech. Then I met Ariana.

The sophistication and ebullience with which she speaks about birth charts and astrological phenomena immediately captured my attention. This is something different than I’d ever experienced. I felt it in my body. I signed up. The encounter was divine.

Fireworks erupted as we talked and electricity pulsated through my blood. I was vulnerable, in safe loving hands, while being stimulated aroused exhilarated saddened and tickled. Changed. Ariana guided me toward provoking considerations – to view the celestial as a blueprint that reveals the planets’ relationships to one another and one’s houses at the moment we arrive. It is these interrelations and angles that map the landscape of our spirit.

Learning the details of this cartography has made for a richer knowing of my self. It is arousing. It is responsibility. It is vigorous and a blast. With firm kindness and gentle sure knowing Ariana equipped me with seasoned tools (as this is an ancient science), language & frameworks, that have afforded me a more robust sense of who I am.

My reading opened pathways – I am generating new visions as to where and how I might move through time and space. It shines fresh perspective on old habits, affords a firmer grasp of repeated experiences, and illuminates alternate routes. As I exercise new avenues I feel more rooted while also lighter, more agile.

The reading, working with Ariana, has left me with lively and thrilling ways to walk through my days and inspiring traditions with which to relate to the natural world. Ariana is serious and meaningfully personal in her approach. Her nuanced knowledge base is tremendous and she works with zeal, relish, love, and intensity. The experience reignited my creative life and left me on steadier ground with all senses tingling. My relationship to the mystical is reawakened, affirmed, and I find myself shedding a heavy cynicism I’d absorbed along the way.

Ariana walks and labors in beauty. Her generosity and intelligence abound. My chart and my reading are always with me as are the sensual confidence and creative joys they spark.
Dana Greene Ph.D.

i thought a lot about what i could say about my reading with you, your reading of me. it was like a dream that i desperately want to remember. my only complaint is that we didn't record it. we were operating on a frequency so intense that it seemed an insult to even try to take notes. my notes are names of signs and a little bit about nodes and i can find them but they wouldn't tell a person what is was like for us to connect. so many words out there. i'm researching all this archived correspondence right now. corresponding can be so deadening to language. i can understand a desire to walk away from it all, to incubate in safety and inculcate a respect for words. when i think of all the words i've wasted and all the wasted words i've digested--i almost wrote "had to digest," but it was a choice that i made, to listen and continue to. which is to say that a person would be lucky to hear you tell them the truth, because your practice is inimical to falsehood; you have too much respect for the stars to be false about them. some people will not understand that it is because of this respect that they are being honored with a reading; they will not know themselves the beneficiaries of something they cannot begin to name; they will receive the gift as they do the sun, which lights the face of a beloved disciple the same way it does a stock broker, and one day they might recognize that something they heard once about them was too true for them to take in at the time. i might, in fact, be one of those people who could only hear up to a threshold and next time i hope i might be able to hear more.
-A.F., New York

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